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The digital device that started it all is back, with original programming for that 90s retro feel, but new features and in a range of styles and colours. Fans of the recently rebooted Digimon Adventure animated series, the trading cards, or video games will love this blast from the past - a Digivice that lets you hatch, train, feed, battle, and care for your very own virtual companions, now with new Lunamon and Coronamon Eggs!

Raise multiple Digimon at once - they'll let you know when they're hungry or need training.

With over 100 to collect and raise on each device, the digital world is yours to enjoy again!

Prepare for Battle!
Touch the contacts of your Digivice to connect with a friend's via the Rock & Dock feature, and pit your Digimon against each other in a binary bout to find out who's the strongest - whether you win will depend on how well you've trained your Digimon...

Compatible across original Digimon and DigimonX devices!

The DigimonX Device~

What's different?

The DigimonX Digivice harkens back to a time many of us feel nostalgic for, but comes with significant updates and 2 new, greatly anticipated features - Evolutions and Quest Mode! With 30 Digimon to collect and train, and each with various evolution paths, the way you raise and look after your virtual companions really affects the way they grow and evolve. Level them up in Quest Mode as you explore the digital world while enjoying all of the features of the original device.

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