Lucifer - Lucifer V (Music CD)

Release Date: 26 January 2024
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The group has concluded recording their fifth studio album, 'Lucifer V', the first one to be released by their new label, Nuclear Blast Records in 2024. Although Lucifer is known to notoriously deliver critically acclaimed albums, supreme songwriting and quality recordings, 'Lucifer V' is rumoured to be their best album yet. Combining elements of all their previous albums into one monumental mass of electrifying heavy rock and roll. Eerie landscapes shaped by soaring guitar riffs, the thunderous pounding of bass and drums from some sort of groovy inferno, haunted melodies to weep into your drink to, the screeching tires of a 1971 Cadillac hearse, the humorous morbidity and tragic wit of Johanna's lyrics. If death had a best friend, it would be Lucifer and they would hang out together at the local cemetery, shooting the shit.

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