Battle of the River Plate (1956)

Release Date: 17 March 2003
Certificate: Universal, suitable for all

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THE BATTLE OF THE RIVER PLATE tells of the pursuit of the German Battleship, the Graf Spee, one of the most gripping episodes of World War II.

November 19639: crack pocket battleship, Admiral Graf Spee patrols the South Atlantic. Captained by Hans Langsdorff (Peter Finch) - one of Germany`s most brilliant naval officers - Graf Spee, with her superior speed, appears and disappears, sinking ship after ship and threatening to cut off crucial Allied supplies.

But the net is tightening round the German killer as the last ship sunk by her managed to radio her position before she went down. Three British cruisers, posing as a naval task force, are charged with setting the trap...

Powell & Pressburger`s penultimate film together is notable for its amazing sea battles - made with the co-operation of, among others, the Admiralty, Royal Navy and US Navy - and non-stereotypical depiction of characters on both sides of the war.

Careful digital restoration now ensures BATTLE OF THE RIVER PLATE can be seen in its full visual glory on DVD.

Region 2
Running Time: 114 minutes
Production Year: 1956
Main Language: English

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