Farming Simulator 22: Pumps N' Hoses Pack (PC)

Release Date: 27 September 2022

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Pump it up and upgrade your farming operation with umbilical systems, manure separation andconfigurable biogas plants! A huge variety of new machines, tools and buildings extend theinfrastructure of manure distribution and resource storage on your farm.

Overall, more than 30 items from Dutchmanufacturer SCHOUTEN, German steel storage specialistStallkamp and biogas technology manufacturer BVL are included to introduce new gameplay features toFarming Simulator 22.

  • Manure & Slurry Distribution Systems: Implement umbilical systems on your farm! By attachingdraggable hoses in different lengths and ultra-light drag hose injectors instead of heavy manure tanks toyour tractor, you protect the soil and fertilize your fields-with the convenience and high capacities ofmobile pumping units like pump wagons and pump trailers stationed nearby. Combine hoses, if needed,that span hundreds of meters to cover your fields for efficient fertilization. And don’t forget to improvepumping conditions with additional water tanks and compressors.
  • Manure Separation: Liquid manure separators allow you to separate liquid and solid fractions ofmanure for a more versatile application of your resources. Multiple stationary and mobile separators areavailable. Choose, if you want to use the dry fraction of manure for animal bedding on your dairy farm,sell it for a profit or fertilize your fields with it just like you do with its liquid counterpart. Make more ofyour manure!
  • Biogas Plant Configuration: Upgrade your biogas plant by configuring it according to your needs andpreferences: Various modules can be dynamically placed around and attached to the root facility of yourbiogas plant to customize it. You decide where to build reception areas, fermentation tanks, gas holders,power plants to produce electricity and other components in various sizes-including a gas torch to burnexcess gasses of your high-performing biogas plant.

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